Adopt a whale or dolphin

Adopting a whale or dolphin means actively contributing to collecting data and information on their health status and consequently of the sea they live in.

Scientific data confirm that the work done by JDC in the Gulf of Taranto over the last 10 years has significantly contributed to improving the health conditions of the sea in the Gulf of Taranto. With this symbolic gesture you will support the research and conservation efforts of JDC researchers in the Ionian Sea.

Adopt a dolphin from the Gulf of Taranto!

With your annual adoption, you will receive:

  • - Personalized adoption certificate;
  • - The sea creature’s passport with all the information and images of the chosen specimen;
  • - The bimonthly digital magazine Ketos;
  • - Real time updates on new sightings;

All the material will be sent digitally to maximise your contribution.

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