Who we are

The JDC TEAM, a group of young people with the highest commitment and dedication, is the very soul of the Jonian Dolphin Conservation. It is thanks to them that all the activities of the association are made possible. Men and women, united by a single passion, the SEA and its inhabitants, who, thanks to their skills and abilities, have made it possible to conduct research studies of cetaceans in their natural environment and to take action to protect them. Biologists, environmental guides, experienced seamen and young volunteers on board will provide our guests with the unique experience of sailing in the Gulf of Taranto on our beautiful BOATS..

Thanks to his TEAM, Carmelo Fanizza, President of the Jonian Dolphin Conservation, had the honor to represent the JDC at the Milan EXPO 2015, as JDC was selected among one of the 21 best Italian exhibitors. Mr. Fanizza’s statue was displayed on the first floor of Palazzo Italy, where a sculpture installation, a sort of tableau vivant, told 21 stories of different "know hows": the inspired ideas of a group of 21 men and women, with their creativity, their knowledge of the local traditions and their ability to innovate. The result was a state of the art picture of a range of professions capable of representing the most significant and unique economic activities within a local territory. All 21 stories shared one common trait: the deep, respectful and unconditional love for their land and for what it produces.

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