Extraordinaria, the new addition to our fleet

"In January 2016, the Jonian Dolphin Conservation acquired a second catamaran, Extraordinaria, as a new addition to our fleet. A second vessel has enabled us to double the monitored area and to collect even more data, thanks to the presence of our visitors on board."
Extraordinaria is Taras’s twin sister. It is another 40 FT catamaran, built by the LADY-HAWKE shipyard, equipped with some innovative features, which allow you to live an extraordinary experience as a "Researcher for a day." Its over 70 square meters floor space and its state of the art scientific equipment, make our catamaran the ideal vessel to study cetaceans in their natural environment. Motorized with two noiselses Volvo Penta 75 HP, Extraordinaria allows a cruising speed of 10 knots and a maximum speed of 19 knots, and it can accommodate up to 35 people on board, including the crew. Unlike Taras, Extraordinaria is not equipped with a net in the bow area, thus providing more surface space, and allowing all our guests to observe the cetaceans from a privileged position. The new hydrophone technology and the expertise of our biologists and our naturalists on board will indeed offer you a unique and highly educational experience.
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Contribution for the Safari "Researchers for a day"
Duration 5 hours approximately
Adults: Euro 40
Boys 4 - 11 years: 20 euros
Infants 0 - 3 years: FREE
By participating in the "Researchers for a day" program, you will be immediately associated and by accessing our website you can subscribe to the mailing list to be always informed about all the activities we do also thanks to your contribution, select one date and share with us!

A: Your next trip we will offer you a 50% discount and if we do not see dolphins even on that trip, then the third Safari will be completely FREE and will always be until you see dolphins (very rare).
Remember that our catamaran has a 90% sighting percentage.

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