"Target: Students and nature lovers”

The Project

The International Volunteering Opportunities of the JDC are a great way to experience the world of marine research, cetaceans conservation, dolphin & whale wathing and citizen science. There is no typical day. Schedule may change depending on the sea state, weather conditions and research and activities priorities. It is important that you are flexible and keep in mind that dolphins are wild animals and work with them is not 100% predictable. In general, if the weather conditions are stable, every day we carry our dolphin watching activities and you should help and support our team in every aspects of life on board and in every research activity. Our chance to see cetaceans are quite high, around 90% every day. If the sea is not calm the team remains in town and you can help enter data and daily lectures are offered on various aspects of cetacean biology or the marine environment. We also expect from you to assist in educational activities on board with schools or tourists and, if you want, you can learn useful skills from our captains. Working hours are usually from 9 am until 16 pm. In free time you may visit the town and the coastline, enjoy the beauty of our region and of our beaches and experience new exciting adventures. One day per week is designated as a free day. The atmosphere at the project is informal and relaxed and we will do our best in order to make you live a great experience. One researcher of our staff will be the tutor and coordinator of your daily activities.

Accomodation & food

You will be hosted in Taranto in our guest house (that we friendly call “Dolphin House”). It is situated in the city center and you can easily reach the harbour walking in 15-20 minutes. It provides a bedroom for maximum 4 volunteers (no gender division), 1 bathroom, a office and a small kitchen (equipped with the minimum useful items to cook – the accommodation is perfectly linked with supermarkets, restaurants, food shop, and everything you may need). Bed, sheets and blankets are provided. Wi-fi available. Not equipped with washing machine (in the city center there are several centers with washing machine service). You are responsible of maintaining the house clean for the period of your staying. When you are involved during the activities on board, lunch is provided by us.


The International Volunteering Opportunities with the Jonian Dolphin Conservation starts from April 1st and ends on September 30th The arrival day is on Monday of each week and the departure is on Sunday. If your trip to Taranto make you arrive 1-2 days before or leave 1-2 days after we can suggest you accommodations or, if it is not full, we can host you in our guest house.

Conditions of participation

Fee & Costs

People participating in this project should match the following requirements:

1. In good physical condition;

2. Able to tolerate hot weather and long periods on the boat (we cannot provide any medicines);

3. Speak English;

4. Over 18 years old;
5. Be aware that the project director or project manager has the right of expelling
you from the field base, in case your behaviour and attitude may obstruct the normal research activities.
  • - 350 € for 2 weeks
  • - 500 € for 3 weeks
  • - 600 € for 4 weeks
    If you would like to stay longer the cost is 100€ for each additional week.
    The cost includes:accomodation, workshops, personal tutor, trainings, boat excursions for whale and dolphin watching, everything that, in general, concerns the activities of the Jonian Dolphin Conservation, one meal per day when you are on board
    The cost does not include: food when you are not on board, travel to and from Taranto.

How to apply

Travel information

In order to apply, send an email to stefano@joniandolphin.it with object “dolphin house – period/week of your staying”. Please, in this email write us:

- Name, surname, age, sex

- Your city and country

- Facebook contact

- Previous experiences & background

- Motivation to participate

- Contribution that you could give to the volunteers team

- Allergies, intolerance, specific and special needs
If you travel by airplane, the nearest airport is Bari but also Rome or Brindisi are good connections. If you travel by train, connections to Taranto are available on the website trenitalia.it. If you need help for your travel arrangements contact us by mail and we are going to help you with all the travel info that you may need. We are going to pick you up from the train or bus station when you arrive to Taranto.

Contact Person : Stefano Bellomo

Donate now!

Your help is of great and fundamental importance for tomorrow. To achieve this we need supporters like you, with the desire and in any case the need to participate in activities to protect and protect the environment. Now we must fight together to protect cetaceans and to allow future generations to observe these fantastic animals in their natural environment. Nature has given us this gift, let us forgive the mistakes of the past. Together we can do it, continue to follow us and support us.

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