"Euromediterranean center of the sea and cetaceans”


Kétos is the Euro-mediterranean Center of Citizen Science for the promotion of the sea and the cetaceans, and it deals with training activities, scientific exploration and research in the city of Taranto. It is a cultural hub aimed at animating of knowledge, of local resources. It’s actually a key site for the experimentation of good practices and for the blue economy. Kétos offers an innovative approach to citizen science research and provides a wide variety of services ranging from the scientific educational activities related to the museum to consulting services, from the development of new working opportunities to the city promotion of reading and of the cultural heritage, which is strictly connected to the sea, the old city and the traditions. Moreover, Kétos offers many services, which are related to the hospitality and to the attention towards people’s needs. It favours social inclusion, cultural development and the creation of a network of interconnections. Everyone is welcomed here in the Center, which is fully committed to provide engaging activities, laboratories, meetings and cultural events to the public providing the resources and expertise needed to write down a new tale for the city.

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