26 March 2019

No.5/March 2019

Dolphin on the horizon!! In this issue, we answer to different question:How can you recognize dolphin?What kind of animals live in the abyss? How can they […]
26 February 2019

No.4/February 2019

Jump into the deep blue… In this issue, you’ll discover the abyss’ wonders and you’ll meet some incredible creatures. You can also read some stories about […]
26 January 2019

No.3/January 2019

New year, new issue In this issue you’ll discover a lot of curiosities about cetaceans’ behaviour! DON’T MISS IT!
26 December 2018

No.2/December 2018

Don’t miss the second issue of “KETOS-JDC Magazine”! Relax and enjoy your holidays by spending time to discover the world of cetaceans. We wish you a […]
26 November 2018

No.1/November 2018

Finally it’s ready! This is the first issue of “KETOS-JDC Magazine”, Enjoy the reading!