"The educational challenge, certainly not easy, aims to monitor not only a new vision of knowledge, but also of those values, behaviors and attitudes that contribute to the formation of our kids, or rather, of the adults of tomorrow".

JDC, driven by the desire and the strong need to protect the cetaceans present in this area, intends to employ at their best the resources of this specific portion of the Ionian Sea. Its aim is to create a set of synergistic activities, through the combination of scientific research and educational activities, deeming it a great way to finance the study of cetaceans and to ensure their preservation. Hence the idea to propose, to all school levels, a project focused on the sea. At JDC we firmly believe that knowledge is the only way to teach respect of the sea and its creatures, starting from a young age.


The activities carried out in schools by the JDC help raise the necessary funds to support our research activities. They are an integral part of a broader citizen science project, namely, the participation of the public in scientific research projects. JDC promotes a program of environmental education through activities aimed at protecting the marine and coastal heritage of the Gulf of Taranto. We want everyone to be aware of the fact that the sea, in addition to being a vital element on which human life itself depends, is the cradle of life, a source of biodiversity, and it offers professional opportunities in the field of Environmental Conservation. After examining the marine ecosystem, we will analyze the interaction between people and the environment, and we will conduct some in-depth studies of the organisms, which inhabit our seas. Finally, we will focus our attention on the cetaceans, the marine mammals that we might as well consider our alter ego in the ocean. The project aims to involve children of all ages, and it has been planned to develop into diverse pathways and in-depth levels, based on on the age of the students.

For information areaprogetti@joniandolphin.it

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