" Vesti Jonian Dolphin Conservation Portaci sempre con Te”

T-shirts, caps, jackets and more, are designed to make a special gift to yourself to the people you love, and especially to the cetaceans of the Gulf of Taranto !.
Each product was created with eco-friendly materials, while respecting the environment and the people who made them. Your support will contribute to the development of our conservation projects for the study and protection of the Cetaceans and the ecosystem of the Gulf of Taranto. Starting in 2017, we established a partnership with a local clothing manufacturer, Punto e Basta. They have created a line sporting the JDC logo, and they are responsible for the marketing of products. All the proceeds from the sale of clothing and accessories under the JDC brand will be fully allocated to the maintenance and development of our research research projects. .
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Your help is of great and fundamental importance for tomorrow. To achieve this we need supporters like you, with the desire and in any case the need to participate in activities to protect and protect the environment. Now we must fight together to protect cetaceans and to allow future generations to observe these fantastic animals in their natural environment. Nature has given us this gift, let us forgive the mistakes of the past. Together we can do it, continue to follow us and support us.

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