“"EXPLORING with RESPECT so that we can UNDERSTAND. This is our motto, which our youngest generation, "the adults of tomorrow", seems to love so much. ”

Since 2009, Jonian Dolphin Conservation has been conducting scientific research activities with the primary goal to preserve and protect the cetaceans of the Gulf of Taranto, in the northern waters of the Jonian Sea. Dolphin watching days at sea, organized for visitors and tourists by the JDC, are our way to raise the financial resources necessary to continue our research. They constitute an integral part of a broader project called citizen science, namely, the public participation in scientific research projects geared towards promoting activities of environmental education emphasizing the importance of the conservation of the marine heritage of the Jonian costs. The JDC Association has been able to combine scientific research and tourist activities by offering local and international tourists a unique experience of dolphin-watching in their natural environment. Dolphins are also a symbol of the city of Taranto

You will actively participate in sailing on board our brand new boats, designed and built specifically to help guests get involved in conservation activities for the protection of cetaceans that have lived in these waters for over 4,000 years.
With the help of the researchers of the JDC our guests will identify specimens, photograph their dorsal fin (photo identification), and will hear, and record, their whistles and clicks (vocalizations). Furthermore, they will collect environmental data on the evaluation of the Ionian Sea (oceanographic parameters) and fill in the cards of the cetacean sightings. All this data will be used for the compilation of scientific publications, so important for the protection of cetaceans. Thanks to this contribution, we will be able to continue to integrate our database.
During all these activities, our crew will offer our guests a taste of the local specialties of our Apulian cuisine. The departure is at 10:00 a.m. The recommended boarding time is 30 minutes prior to departure. We return approximately around 3:30 p.m. You can find the answers to all your questions in the FAQ section.
50/5000 Go with us and become a researcher for a day!

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Your help is of great and fundamental importance for tomorrow. To achieve this we need supporters like you, with the desire and in any case the need to participate in activities to protect and protect the environment. Now we must fight together to protect cetaceans and to allow future generations to observe these fantastic animals in their natural environment. Nature has given us this gift, let us forgive the mistakes of the past. Together we can do it, continue to follow us and support us.

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